Human- shark conflict of Sundarbans

            Beyond that mucky grey waters of Sundarbans, two species are engage in the struggle to survive for more than a hundred years. the humans and the Kamot, the local name for sharks of Sundarbans. There are hundred of cases of shark attacks that has never been documented academically, neither do we know much about the lives of the large predatory sharks in the region, who are loosing their waterscapes and lives because of severe anthropogenic effects. This is the first ever academic expedition on human-shark interactions of Sundarbans the Kamot. The articles and the book on the topic are coming out by the end of the year. 

Human- shark conflict advisor


I am the human animal conflict advisor (volunteer) for Sundarban tiger widow welfare society (govt Rgstd). My work is to not only advice about sustainable support for the women, but also research and conservation advice about the sharks through STWWS. If you have any question, suggestion of support for the animal attack effected women of the Sundarban. Please get in touch.  

Sundarban animal attack women sustainability project


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