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 Kamot: The first academic investigation of human-shark conflict in Sundarbans. 




  • Aich, R. S. (2022). White Sharks and Caged Humans; an Ethnographic Exploration of Great White Shark Cage Diving in New Zealand. Niyogi Books, India, Delhi.

Academic publications


  • Aich, R. S., & Chakraborty, P. . (2022). Kamot: The first academic investigation of human-shark conflict in Sundarbans. TRACE ∴ Journal for Human-Animal Studies, 8.

  • Aich, R.S. (2022). Shark-human holistic research and Knowledge system approach (SHHRKS). AMethodological invitation to collaborate. Academia Letters, Article 4601.

  • Aich, R.S. (2021). Jaws, old dwellings, and heartbreak; Meditations of a shark anthropologist on multimodality. Entanglements, experiments in multimodal ethnography.Aich, R. S. (2021).

  • Aich, R.S. (2021) The Kamot Ganga Puja: Sharks of Sundarban. Visual Ethnography, 10(1), Article 1.

  • Aich, R.S. (2021). Great White Shark a hyperreal monster; conceptual contemplation on the

  • post-Jaws image. Academia Letters, Article 3448.

  • Aich, R.S. (2021). Jaws and beauty, reflections on Great White Shark demystification. Academia Letters, Article 2869.

  • Aich, R.S. (2021). Cage less diving with white sharks, a multispecies perspective. Academia Letters, Article 2494.

  • Jøn, A.A. & Aich, R. S. (2015). Southern Shark Lore Forty Years After Jaws: The positioning of sharks within Murihiku, New Zealand. in Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal in Folklore Studies, vol. 30.


     Manuscript summited

  • Aich, R. S. (Manuscript summited)The need for emergence of human-shark multispecies ethnography.

  •  Aich, R. S. (Manuscript summited)Knowing the Kamot; autoethnographic investigation among shark attack of Sundarbans. 

    Psyc  phd 

Aich. R.S (2012). A study of Romantic Motive and Mental Health in Relation to Creativity of Male Painters and Non-painters. University of Calcutta .DOI:10.13140/RG.2.2.13895.19361



  • Iridescent Skin; An Ethnographic Documentary of Cage Diving in New Zealand. (2020).

Media publications

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