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Music is life



My writing has a poetic language in itself, and sometimes I indulge in it's pure play.



In a different life time I was a soap star and producer in Kolkata


My work is not only about creating knowledge but synergizing, and disseminating it through various mediums like painting, documentary, and public speaking. I think at a subliminal level, I am in an experimental stage of integrating art and sciences in my research and writings, trying to find the lines where the soul and the mind meets.

Visual arts

I was born with paint on my feet, and creation of art has been a significant part of my existence, with  national and international shows.


Martial arts

I have been a Hapkido practitioner and trainer for more than a decade. This has not only give me a unique perspective of my world, but a strength of spirit which was earned by  broken bones. Most importantly it is given me a calmness which come I think with confidence.

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