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Shark- human holistic research and Knowledge system​(SHHRKS)

As a marine social scientist, an anthrozoologist working on human- shark interaction, it has been a pleasure to introduce my new human- shark research methodology I have been working on for the Blackpool and The Fylde College.

The lives and oceanscapes of sharks are highly threatened. The present way of creation and dissemination of knowledge is not having an effective impact on shark conservation initiatives. Consequently, in this proposal, I plant the seeds of Shark- human holistic research and Knowledge system approach (SHHRKS) a transdisciplinary, transmodal, tranceknowledge system multispecies approach in education, creation, analysis, and dissemination of shark knowledge and its application in policy. I explore the need for such an approach, the methodological considerations, and how can such an approach be beneficial. Furthermore, I propose examples of how such an approach be implemented through examples of a tentative curriculum

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